You tell me..

What defines a person?
How can you spot one in a crowd of millions?
Is it something that can be seen in his looks?
The way he walks and talks?
Is it hereditary?
A real man, or woman is one who is who he is not because but in spite of his appearance. Behind the talk, underneath the muscles and within the blood and bones there is a piece that refuses to yield. Something that only grows stronger and harder the more pressure you put it under.
Mark Twain once said, ‘The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why’.
I believe that there is a third day, although not so much a single day as it is the period from the moment one realizes ones reason for being born to his/ her death. It is the period spent in trying to bridge the gap between one’s self-actualization and actual perceived self. How near or far these two points are by the time the fat lady sings, well that’s something worth finding out about isn’t it?
You may not have the legs to tear up the race track
Or the arms to rip a cross court forehand
Or the ability to see ten steps ahead of the present
Does that make the task that much harder? Probably
Or the odds stacked against you that much higher? Definitely
But should that stop you from reaching for what you want?
…You tell me